Peer Review Process

The submitted paper of Indonesian Nursing Journal (INJ) will be peer-reviewed. The following are the steps of the double blind review process used by INJ:

  1. Submission of manuscripts is processed only online, i.e. OJS of INJ, website:
  2. The incoming manuscript will be checked whether it complies with the INJ guidelines for authors and the template for submission, as well as to see if the manuscript fits the focus and scope of INJ, including checking for plagiarism. If appropriate, the next process will be carried out, and if not, we will recommend submitting the manuscript to another journal. The Managing Editor of INJ will notify the author by email within a week.
  3. Manuscripts that qualify at this stage will proceed to the double blind peer review stage. Reviewers will be selected based on their expertise in the number of publications and the quality of the study. The editor will send a letter of invitation to each potential reviewer, at least 2 (two) reviewers. After the reviewers candidate has been informed about his availability for the reviewing process. Editors and reviewers will provide constructive feedback on the review results to the author within weeks.
  4. A manuscript accepted with revisions would contain comments from the reviewers and would be returned to the author for revision. According to the INJ policy, the reviewers only give suggestions on whether the manuscript should be accepted, revised, or rejected. However, the final decision to accept or reject the manuscript rests with the Editor and Editor-in-Chief.
  5. The author will be given time to revise the manuscript no later than four weeks. Determination of the article to be published in INJ is by considering two main aspects: relevance and contribution of articles to knowledge and practice development.
  6. Manuscripts that have undergone final revision and have been accepted by the Editor will be published in the issue determined by the Editor-in-Chief.

The process for a manuscript usually takes from 1 to 5 weeks to publication. This process period depends on the editors and reviewers duration in reviewing the manuscript. Language used in this journal is English. The editor and the reviewer can send a manuscript to INJ through OJS. All of the reviewing processed is done by way of a double-blind review and is managed by the editor in OJS. If a reviewer/editor submits a manuscript to INJ, the Editor-in-Chief will send it to another editor/reviewer to avoid conflict of interest.